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Recycled T-Shirt Bracelet

What You Need:

- The sleeve of a soft, clean cotton t-shirt
- A ruler
- A cutting tool (the best results come if you use a rotary cutter* with a self healing mat but you can also use plain old scissors)


  1. Lay the shirt sleeve out on a flat surface.
  2. Using scissors or your rotary cutter, slice off the hem. Discard.
  3. From the hem edge, measure up 3/4” and cut straight across sleeve. Continue up the sleeve until you reach the seam. For a thick bracelet, cut up both sleeves. You can also use sleeves of an alternating color to mix in.
  4. S tretch each strip out, it will automatically start to furl into itself.
  5. Now put all your loops together. Make sure the seams line up.
  6. Using a scrap piece of the same fabric, loop around the seams to cover them.
  7. Tuck the end of the scrap under the loops.
  8. Now you can loop it around once or twice to wear as a bracelet.
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